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Hiring for all shifts Crew and Management positions

Posted: 02/14/2021

Our Family Owned/Operated business loves to be a part of the community we serve our awesome McDonald's products to.  We hope to change the stigma that working at McDonald's is flipping burgers, it is so much more.   Working at McDonald's in our Organization has allowed many employees to advance to levels of management, Office Staff, General Manager, Supervisor, Director, and even part-owner of a McDonald's business - these opportunities are not based on age or education, but attitude and dependability.  For 2020 alone, our 17 Restaurant Organization paid our employees over $130,000 in college benefits via our Archways to Opportunity benefit, encouraging continuing education.  When the COVID pandemic began from April 1st, 2020 thru June 30th, 2020, we immediately stepped up and paid every employee (crew and management) a $2.00/hour McHero bonus for all hours worked.  We offer our employees flexible scheduling, weekly pay, competitive wages, 401K, 30% employee discount at all US participating McDonald's locations, insurances, opportunity to earn paid time off, high school academic rewards for our high school employees, advancement opportunities, and so much more. 
In the Bullitt County area, our Lebanon Junction and Mt. Washington McDonald's locations are hiring for all shifts, and both crew and management positions.   Applicants may apply at or text "APPLY" to 36453.